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fertility massage

What is Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is a non-surgical and non-invasive alternative therapy that can improve your fertility and enhance your well-being. This technique focuses on promoting relaxation and decreasing abdominal scarring, pelvic adhesions, or tubal obstruction and increasing the function of the reproductive organs. Fertility Massage Therapy aims to re-position your internal abdominal organs, including the uterus, as the positioning of your uterus helps optimise your chances for fertilisation and implantation. Improves organ function by releasing physical & emotional congestion from the abdomen.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

  • Helps to restore the uterus to its normal position and shape if it has become tilted or compressed by a fecal impacted intestine

  • Improves circulation to the reproductive organs

  • Improved circulation brings fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the organs, as well as to the ova

  • Helps loosen scar tissue and clear blockages to the Fallopian tubes

  • Helps relax a stomach that is hardened from stress or digestive issues

  • Promotes liver health to process toxins from the body

  • Helps to improve digestive health and nutrient absorption by promoting small intestine health

  • Eliminates impacted feces in the large intestine, too much of which could potentially put pressure on the uterus

  • Helps to achieve hormonal balance (Dr. John Lee, in his book Hormonal Balance Made Simple, says that hormonal balance starts in the digestive system)

  • Helps to relieve cramps

Contraindications for Fertility Massage

  • Any condition which would contraindicate massage in general, such as contusions, cuts, burns, tumors, broken bones, etc

  • During menstruation. As the endometrium is shedding, we don't want to take a chance of some of the endometrial cells getting into other parts of the pelvis (the condition known as endometriosis).

  • If client is pregnant or suspects she may be pregnant. We don't want to take a chance that deep tissue work over the uterus could possibly dislodge or otherwise negatively affect the placenta attachment or zygote implantation process.

  • For clients who are currently trying to get pregnant, it is best to omit fertility massage techniques between ovulation and the start of the next menstrual cycle, in case pregnancy occurs during ovulation. Clients who are working toward healing an infertility issue and are not currently trying to become pregnant do not need to be concerned with this. You can see that fertility massage potentially has a very short window when it can be performed.

Fertility Massage Incorporates:

ChiNei Tsang

Ancient form of Asian massage, used to clear blocked energy tension, and stress that accumulates in the organs, release toxins, clears excessive heat, and helps with heat deficiencies such as a cold uterus, helps the flow of Chi.

Deep Tissue Massage

Break up adhesions, increase circulation, aid in detoxification, boost the immune system, promotes organ health.

Myofascial Release

Helps to release the myofascial tissue that surrounds all organs and muscles, this tissue can become twisted and adhered over time, helps bring fresh blood and oxygen to the reproductive organs.


Originates from traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the same principle as acupuncture, but without needles, involves applying pressure to a specific point on the body, brings greater balance and circulation.


Massage technique that is applied to specific areas of the feet, stimulating specific points at the bottom of the foot helps to clear congestion and blockages which in turn helps to stimulate the body's healing capabilities by increasing Chi flow to that area.

Castor Oil Therapy

Castor oil therapy has been used for thousands of years as a healing therapy, castor oil is pressed from a plant and is used externally on the lower abdomen.

Castor Oil Packs may be helpful for:


Uterine cysts

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Menstrual Cramps

Poor Circulation





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