Fibrosis Massage

Service Performed by certified advanced lymphatic specialist for soften lumps and smooth the skin

Post Lipo & Fibrosis Massage

Fibrosis massage combine with lymphatic drainage, vacumm cupping and IASTM tool to smooth and soft the lumps and scars, prevent more lumps or fibrosis. Service performed by certified advanced lymphatic drainage practitioner and certified IASTM practitioner.

What is Fibrosis:

Fibrosis is a set of imperfections that you can observe after liposuction and are described as painful hard lumps under your skin where liposuction has been done. It can also appear as large pores, tissue discoloration and uneven areas. 

What are the symptoms of fibrosis? Fibrosis post-op is characterized by:

What is the best treatment for fibrosis?​

Once you have developed fibrosis you need combination of treatments to achieve better results such as: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, ultrasound therapy, myofascial and prescribed stretches. Lymphatic Drainage, unlike some other forms of massage, it uses very light pressure, combined with soft pumping movements to drain the excess of fluid from the affected area towards the lymph nodes. After surgery your lymphatic system becomes suppressed. Therefore, the lymphatic system is not filtering properly, causing you pain and fluid retention. Manual Lymphatic drainage also allows fresh nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins and minerals to nourish your cells, at the same time, it reduces swelling, bruising, and fibrosis; it helps in the scarring process and alleviates pain. Daily drainage is important to relieve pain and drain excess of fluid and speed up recovery. Our fibrosis treatment is designed to help you recover fast and help reduce scar tissue and uneven skin. The treatment is tailored based on your needs.

Some risk factors are:

The size of your scar. When the scar is big there are more possibilities to develop fibrous tissue. Genetics. There are people who are prone to develop fibrosis even when having small cuts, they can develop big scars (keloids). lack of movement. Sitting for long period increases the risk of fibrosis. Remember you need to move every hour for 5 minutes after your surgery and increase exercise as soon you start feeling better. Un appropriated garment and compression ​ There is no way to say who can develop fibrosis, but if you developed it don’t worry, fibrosis can be treated at early stage with manual lymphatic drainage or if is more chronic a combination of Lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, and fascia stretches can help to soften the tissue and restore the affected area. Fibrosis needs to be treated as soon as you notice the hard lumps under the skin, the longer you wait to see a professional the more difficult to treated.