Pediatric Massage

Service performed by certified pediatric massage therapist for children with special needs

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage is the umbrella term for massage that is performed on children or adolescents. Pediatric massage and touch therapy is an evidence-based, safe and effective way to provide appropriate tactile stimulation to encourage a child's growth and development. The aim of pediatric massage is usually to help provide comfort and pain relief to children who are suffering from illness or a medical condition. At clinical massage & cancer care we service kids age between 6-18 years old.   

What is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT)?

A CPMT is a massage therapist who has received advance training to provide massage to children with a variety of health care needs. The training includes a variety of massage techniques for working with children with various physical, developmental, emotional, and mental challenges.

Why Pediatric Massage?

Many people think of massage therapy as a luxury and do not recognize the healthcare benefits associated with this noninvasive integrative intervention. For children and families living with and managing serious illness, pediatric massage is an essential and necessary component to provide comfort and quality of life.


Benefits of Massage for Children and Adolescents

Benefits of Massage for Specific Conditions

Some of these conditions may require you to obtain permission from your child's primary health care provider prior to massage

Contraindications for pediatric massage include: